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snowing in the disaster areas. >> u.s. officials closely monitoring this crisis say focus is on reactors three and four, where spent fuel rods under great danger of releasing plumes of radioactivity. >> there is no end to the nuclear crisis at the fukishima plant. the focus is reactors three and four, where old, spent fuel rods are releasing plumes of radioactivity. >> hollywood likes to focus on the melt down, melted core, exposed uranium. old fuel is more dangerous because there is more radiation in unguarded pond. >> the mission to cool reactors with helicopters dumping buckets of water failed. the japanese plan is to restart with a new power line, officials fear those may not work if energy is restored which is why the u.s. is sending a high pressure pump. >> all u.s. citizens in japan should continue to monitor situations and follow guidance of the u.s. and japanese governments. >> inside of the plant 180 workers at great right after this tok their lives are being reroe tated in and out of the danger zone. outside thousands are being evacuated. >> the government told us we're safe,
because many students have been harassed through social media. >> and twice as many u.s. taxpayers renounced their citizenship in 2010 than in 2009. the latest figures show 1500 gave up citizenship compared with 742 the year before. what is behind the jump? the u.s. government is increasing efforts to find and tax hidden assets around the world. so it appears those who have a lot to hold on to would rather give up citizenship than be taxed on what they have. >> and a lot more to get to. coming up debit cards may have low charge limits. >> and you might be surprised who could soon give you a smart meter opt-out option. >> i'm sandhya patel. put umbrella as way tomorrow, goitsing to be dry. how long this will remain dry before more rain moves in, in the accu-weather forecast. >> it's bal for you -- back to school for you tube. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >>> there is a possible break through in the continuing controversy over smart meter autos there is surprising support for letting us opt out. the president of the california public utilities commission
in one minute. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >>> u.s. forces launched a third straight night after tacks against targets in libya, including capitol of tripoli. the pentagon says muammar gaddafi's forces are scattered, and now isolated following attacks. and today in chile, the president reiterated the u.s. mission is to protect civilians from the threat pose bid gaddafi. >> not only was he carrying out murders of civilians, but... he threatened more. said we'll show no mercy to people who lived in benghazi. >> they admit two sides could be in for a long stalemate with gaddafi clinging to power once bombing ends. >> and this is barry bonds trial got underway seven and a half years after they raised questions about steroid use among pro athletes. >> there is a sampling today. a nurse assistant from berkeley. a livermore man, a vietnam veteran and a mill valley investment banker, part of a jury that the defense team is calling intelligent, fair, and thoughtful. >> there is barry bonds in court today as his trial began. a jury of eight women, four men sele
. >> there may be damage to all three vessels at the plant. and the uranium may be melting down. u.s. orders all americans living within 50 miles to evacuate. four times larger than the area officials deemed safe. >> it's not about the quality of information but standards set by the nuclear regulatory commission here in the united states. and the kind of advice it could be giving should this happen in the united states. >> the last resort to manage this crisis would to be bury the reactor and 5,000 tons of concrete like was done at the chernyobl melt down. >> financial markets plunging over the crisis, stocks erased nearly all gains for the year. the dow fell about 2% of the value today. worst drop since last august. the nasdaq and s and p are also down. markets in japan have just opened for the day but have been trading down last few days as well. today in response to japan's nuclear crisis the epa deployed an additional 40 radiation monitors around the pacific rim. one reason, it says is to reassure americans about their safety. the nuclear crisis has grown, so have worries among californians
america, the u.s. ambassador to the united nations refuted reports gaddafi is about to step down but did not rule out he can go into exile. gaddafi vowed to stay in power until the end. >> actor george clooney's name appeared on a list of witnesses for italian prime minister at his upcoming prostitution trial accused for paying for sex with a 17-year-old girl, then using his influence to try to cover it up. the accuser claims she saw cloony and his girlfriend at a party attended villa. no comment tonight from clooney. >> and one step forward, two steps back in sacramento. governor brown and leader as announced they've pulled a plug on budget negotiations with republicans. the governor hoped to put a measure on the june ballot to let voters decide whether they want to extend several temporary tax increases for five years to go along with billions in cuts. and governor brown saying in part each and every republican legislature believes voters should not have a right to vote unless a fwree to ever change an ever-changing list of demands. there is no responds from the republican autos the co
says the u.s. is considering a full range of options to deal with the crisis there. he would not rule out establishing a no-fly zone in libya in order to protect libyan civilians. >> the violence must stop. muammar khadafy has lot legitimacy to lead and he must leave. those that have violence against the libyan people will be held accountable. >> the president also announced that u.s. military aircraft would play a humanitarian role by helping egyptians that fled the chaos. >> another work are has been attacked by a patient at napa state hospital. he one has been arrested with sexual battery and attempted rape. an attack on a female teg anything. he is being held on $250,000 bail. workers told "abc 7 news" the assault happened during the night shift in the part of the hospital that houses committed patients not cop convicted of the crimes. a nurse came to the rescue and the man attacked the nurse. they have been asking for more security after the murder of donna gross and at an attack in december. hospital officials have declined to comment. >> for years officials at u.c. berkeley had
to me bee happy. bee healthy. >>> u.s. supreme court refused to hear a sacramento lawyer's latest challenge against the government's reverence to god. michael newdow is the atheist who tried to have the pledge of alliegance removed from schools because it includes the phrase "under god" this time he was challenging u.s. currency and coins. >> ucsf medical center pharmacy now using robots to count and process medications in an effort to improve patient safety this, video provided by the hospital. the hospital says not a single error has occurred. and the 350,000 doses of medication prepared during a pilot phase. the robots kept in a sterile environment where the system prepares medicines including toxic chemotherapy drugs. saying this will give pharmacists more time to work with patients and doctors on drug therapy. >> marin catholic high school baseball pitcher injure aid year ago this week is now sporting a prototype of a helmet inspire bid his accident. he visited the technology center it weighs over five ounsz but designed to help protect a pitcher's head from a moving moving u
possible military options. the u.s. moved naval and air forces close grower lib yachl the pentagon says all options are open. you can see more of the interview with muammar gaddafi on world news right after this newscast and later this evening on night line. >> new east span of the bay bridge is getting taller this weekend with a draw matic face lift there. is a live look of a massive steel structure being maneuvered into place. at 5:00 this morning crews started to lift the first of four huge legs making up stage four of the tower. each piece weighs a million pounds and will be transported on a barge. >> that piece going up behind me is over 100 feet long weighing almost 500 tons. this is going to take 30 hours before we can bring next one out. >> and there is a 136 feet hall tauler than the current east span. >> and 500? >> coming up... when a childhood fever is okay. pediatricians ees ease fears about that. >> and how this driver ended up over the freeway sound wall. >> i'm sandhya patel. hope you're enjoying sun, rain, and wind are come together bay area by tomorrow night. i'll have mor
in exchange for the u.s. attorney dropping a fraud investigation against him, hopkins deny that's and will be back on the stand when the trial continues tomorrow. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. and the waits will have to continue for same-sex couple that's want to get married in california. an appeals court turned down a bid by two couples to allow gay marriages to resume while a legal challenge on this issue is pending. a u.s. district court judge ruled that voter-approved prop 8 banning same-sex marriages in california violates the constitution. supporters of the initiative have appealed. before that case can move forward the california supreme court must first decide whether initiative supporters have the right to appeal the legal standing to do so since state officials refused to step in. >> and there is more ahead coming up. an important health warning for anybody that likes cantaloupe. >> and a lawmaker's effort to put the brakes on rental car customers driving november recalled vehicle autos hollywood loses a legend in elizabeth taylor, aids chariti
the impact on the u.s. nuclear power industry. >> mark, thank you very much. the u.s. navy moved several ships away from damaged japanese nuclear plants after depicting low-level radiation in 17 crew members positioned for efforts. and back home, scientists at the lawrence livermore lab are working to forecast plume disperseal just in case it spreads far west. >> survivors of the disaster still need food, clothing and medicine but help from around the world is beginning to arrive and much more is on the way. a group of clergimen took off this afternoon with a church group and happened to be visiting a church in folsom when the quake struck. this is home video showing them shopping for anything they can stuff into their boxes. most of the supplies will end up in sendai. home to one of the pastors. it's also near the nuclear plant releasing a small amount of radiation. >> they've been talking now that when they get to the airports to get hooded jackets, gloves and masks because it's supposed to rain. the fallout with moisture will spread, and you don't want to get it on skin. >> once landi
gaddafi demanding muammar gaddafi halt military attacks against civilians otherwise, he says the u.s. will enforce newly improved united nations sanctions including a no-fly zone. >> the united states, the united kingdom, trance and arab states agree aid cease fire must be implemented immediately. and that means all tacks against civilians must stop. >> president obama says any u.s. military action would not include ground forces. yesterday, the un security council voted to authorize military action to prevent killing of civilians by libyan forces including the no-fly zone. gaddafi ordered a cease fire, rebels say continue. >> oakland police fooking -- looking for a man who may have fired at people along a busy street this afternoon. witness says they saw the man shooting what appeared to be a machine gun on bancroft avenue. officers found shell casings but it looks like no one was hit. police roped off the area. the s.w.a.t. team is searching for the gunman. >> today's storm brought clean up operations at santa cruz harbor to a stop but not before sonar equipment and divers identifi
obama says he's confident the u.s. will be able to transfer control in libya to an international coalition. nato is sorting out a political agreement to lead the mission. president obama made comments hours after an american air force jelt crashed into rebel-held territory in eastern liba. both crew members ejected safely brit struck the ground. the pentagon blames mechanical failure, forces continue to bomb military targets and enforce a no-fly zone. and the fourth night in a row, later muammar gaddafi denounced the bombing and vowed his forces will quote, beat them. >> and secretary of state hillary clinton talk was diane sawyer in the first interview since military intervention began in liba. you can watch it right after this newscast at 5:30 and later tonight on night line. >> and coming up, michael finney looks at positions of america's health care reform about to go into affect in the second year. >> and where bay area drivers were nailed in a sting operation for failing to stop for pedestrian autos and steve jobs is ordered to respond to claims he won a musical monopoly. t
. >> and a new survey by man power one of the largest organization of workers says more u.s. employers plan to add jobs, encouraging news for hundred who's turned out by our abc 7 event. >> and before the job fair began, lobby of the market street hotel was packed. the unemployed and under employed from the bay area came looking for an opportunity. >> i've been unemployed for a year now. it's just tougher. >> statistics show the national unemployment rate fell to a nearby two-year low. and california's rate remained steady at 12.4. >> i'm working but looking for something better now there is a layoff base. >> there is a hearing to federal reserve bank. and they're trying to fill 350 jobs in the bay area. >> we're searching for professionals today and there are people on the it side. >> does it seem like market is opening snup. >> and more than last year? >> i believe so. >> this is more people that are hiring. >> and to become job ready, some are having their resumes revamped. >> what is a common mistake. >> putting reverences in resume, putting personal hobbies. >> the line was long for th
of agencies will merge data into what is called u.s. integrated ocean observing system. they hope to create a system like never before. >> working a vacuum is personally unsatisfying. and to all of a sudden have 100 times more information overnight, it's really revolutionized the way we're doing science. >> noa is the lead agency for this collaboration. researchers say the data helps in short term forecast models as well as tracking long-term climate change. >> and perfect segway is sandhya patel here with the wet fookt it's not going to be a complete wash over the weekend. if you have plans outside tomorrow just fine. dry until the evening. and that is when things get wet. heading into sunday morning, here is a live picture from san jose. it's been a pleasant day. there is hazy skies and no rain just yet. and temperatures now into 50s and 60s. there are rain in the evening. scattered showers sunday fuchl have plans on sunday you're going to see more of the wet weather arriving on sunday. and there is a a nice day, temperatures upper 50s at the coast to low 70s inland. and saturday, high pr
is with the u.s. antidoping agency tracking and testing sister yid use in athletes. during cross examination the defense team pressed powers on what they called vague nature of research. the trial continues next week. >> and triple a has come out with a new app to help you find cheaper gas. california gas price s almost 90 cents more than this time, last year. and the new trip tick april let's you compare prices at stations. and this includes hotel and restaurant association. it's available for iphone, and ipad. >> it's handy. >> and coming up, were you one of the lucky ones to snap up britney spears tickets? >> what you cannot forget if you're hoping to get into the snow. [ female announcer ] the jcpenney big one day sale is saturday! don't miss amazing 4-hour steals. like worthington separates -- 50% off. and stylish dress shirts or ties, just $19.99. find okie dokie for every cutie -- $4.99! and bright sheets, only $19.99. plus, with jcp cash, earn $10 off unlike other stores we don't make you come back to save! we make spring bright -- you make it bloom. go to to see everything o
's role would be limited and that u.s. troops would not be put on the ground. he said he refused to wait for images of slaughter to appear. >> we were faced with a project of violence on a horrific scale. we had a unique ability to stop that violence. and an international mandate for action. a broad coalition prepared to swroin us. support of arab countries and a plea for help from the libyan people themselves. >> the president confirmed the united states will transfer lead role in the mission to nato wednesday once that happens, the president says sez risks and costs will be significantly reduced. >> san francisco police have arrest aid man they believe burglarized a church near the stonestown mall with six others around the city. this surveillance video shows a man after he broke into the lakeside presbyterian church early on the morning of march 21. it appears this suspect broke into the church through a window in the preschool. seven doors ended up broken as well. the thief made off with soda and sausages. >> two corridors in the bay area rank in the top 10 of america's worst commute
of a kind solution, u.s. online sites are starting to embrace. on a small, but growing number of sites, software is starting to track conversations. language, certain words we can't use on tv are the primary triggers but other clues include spelling and the speed of key strokes. the result is a psycho graph. the one on the left is aggressor. and peaks indicate bullying. on the right victim remaining passive. >> one person or multiple people then, their reputation score increases and likely to be looked at by a human moderator. >> adam's company crisp thinking has been working on identifying bullying five years. 70 gaming and social networking sites have signed on on. so far, my space, facebook and twitter have not. crisp thinking is trying to nab culprits, common-sense media has been developing lessons for teachers to help victims to know what to do when it happens. >> when do they want a parent or teacher to get involved? and to try to handle it themselves? it's a big part of empowerment. some kids need to be able to stand up and tell other kids in their space don't treat me like that
the japan quake, ten state lawmakers sent a letter to the u.s. department of energy detailing their concerns. governor brown said today the government needs to take a bigger role regulating the state's nuclear activity. >> where is the best place to site a nuclear power reactor? and that means a government decides and people will say, gee, that costs money. but it also will cost us lives if we do it wrong. >> now, both pg&e and southern california edison insist their nuclear power plants about are built to withstand earthquakes far greater than the nearby faults are capable of producing. >>> another fear is whether or not the nuclear radiation that's leaking in japan will reach the united states. today on the 7 live, we talked with an assistant professor at u c berkeley. he said people should not be concerned. >> i wouldn't be very concerned. it would be very far away. i'm confident we can measure it when it comes here. >> he also cautioned people against taking iodine pills and said the owe tension of being allergic to them would be more dangerous. >> here in the bay area, a new hospital wi
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